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Heard about the story of the banker and the economist?

“A cyclist is a disaster for the country’s economy: he doesn’t buy cars and doesn’t borrow money to buy. He doesn't pay insurance policies. Doesn't buy fuel, doesn't pay to have the car serviced, and no repairs needed. He doesn't use paid parking. Doesn't cause any major accidents. No need for multi-lane highways.

He is not getting obese.

Healthy people are not necessary or useful to the economy. They are not buying the medicine. They don't go to hospitals or doctors.

They add nothing to the country's GDP.

"On the contrary, each new fast-food store creates at least 30 jobs— 10 cardiologists, 10 dentists, 10 dietitians and nutritionists— as well as the people who work in the store itself."

This, among other reasons, have made me rethink our favorite snacks – cookies, and trail mix! We eat them more than we realize because we eat them in small portions mindlessly. But if you add them up, they make a big part of your diet.

Therefore, eating cookies should not be unhealthy.  Have you taken a look at market cookie ingredients? Next time you are in a grocery store look on the back of the label.  A lot of cookies and other snacks have chemical additives engineered to harm your body.  

My cookies use ZERO artificial ingredients and are 100% loaded in taste. 

Try my cookie and trail-mix collection once, and you won’t touch your store-bought cookies again.  Explore my collection.  Get them from my online store posted below.

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