About Me

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Hello and welcome to Sage's Kitchen. I am the recipe creator, food photographer, video producer, and writer for everything on this site. I am very happy to have you here as my guest. Welcome!

Why I am here and my Goals

First and foremost, I am here because I absolutely love cooking and I want to share that with you. In addition to cooking I love taking pictures of the food that I took time to put together with love so that we can enjoy it together. The most important reason that I am here though is to help you make better food. Better food to me uses quality ingredients without sacrificing taste. My goal is to make cooking as easy as possible for you with ingredients that will make you feel good.

How did I get here?

I have always loved cooking. It all started with watching cooking shows on television (and fast-food commercials). There was always something about cooking that made me feel so excited, and I just knew it was my purpose. I wanted to be in the kitchen but was wary of what I thought was a slow and painful process. I had to learn patience because my family thought I was too young to be in a kitchen full of potential dangers for a child. I was determined and started off slowly by learning to keep a kitchen clean-an important ingredient for cooking. Later, I was able to lick the cookie and cake batter bowls, and, soon after, I was able to grate the cheese for the Thanksgiving macaroni and then make my own eggs, pancakes, and sandwiches. I was on a roll (pun intended), and nothing could stop me!

How I Progressed.

I volunteered to do the cooking for family gatherings. While exciting, this progress came with growing pains. If you think Mr. Gordon Ramsey is blunt with his thoughts on food and taste, you haven't met my family! I thrived on my family’s blunt criticism and grew as a person, a cook, and a host. My aunt taught me old family recipes and patiently guided me step by step. She loved to share her knowledge about cooking with me. My cooking skills continued to develop while working at multiple restaurant kitchens and talking with the guests. I learned how to treat restaurant guests, how to plate food, how hectic a kitchen can be, and many new recipes on which I put my own twist. The journey has brought me to this new adventure, and I am eager to learn and grow with all of you!